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Volume I Issue II

Gundog Journal Volume I Issue II is out of stock for single issue sales.

Following on from the highly anticipated launch issue of Gundog Journal, issue II will deliver comprehensive guidance from top handlers and trainers to those wishing to train a canine companion to be proud of, as well as sharing fascinating insights into how training methods have changed over the years, expert veterinary advice, and exclusive interviews with high profile figures in the gundog world.

We also take a closer look at scurries and working tests, deer tracking dogs, how to positively introduce your dog to water, and capturing those special moments in the field, with advice from professional photographers.

With reams of content to see you through to the start of the game shooting season, this collectable coffee table journal is a must-have for all who are interested in gundogs.

A few issue highlights:

  • Shooting over pointers and setters
  • How to prepare your dogs for the moor
  • Breed profile: the cocker spaniel
  • My dog of a lifetime – part II
  • A puppy training masterclass
  • Everything you need to know about scurries and tests